CUL Distributors

Part 2: Get Amazon FBA Shipment Labels

 Follow These Steps for each Shipment Made

1. Start by clicking on "Work on Shipment."

Click Work on Shipment.JPG

2. Select "Small Parcel Delivery" as your shipping method, then select "UPS" as your shipping carrier.

select small parcel delivery and UPS

3. Next Amazon will again ask you for the shipment case size details.   Please fill in the information using the details from the email you received after placing your order.

step 3 box configuration


4. You will need to COPY the shipment summary and PASTE the information into an email.   Attach your UPS labels to the email and send this back to us.
Once you complete this step, we will label your product at our facility and ship your order to Amazon.

copy paste into an email and attach the labels