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How to Ship to Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA or "Fulfilled by Amazon" is the name of the progam Amazon offers where you send your product straight to Amazon's warehouse and allow Amazon to hold it for you until it is sold and then Amazon ships it out for you. This program allows sellers without warehouse space or the man power, to sell an unlimited quantity on   Pretty great, right?  It gets better because we can help make it even easier! When you order from us, simply create your shipment, send us the labels and we will ship your order straight to Amazon for you.  


To Ship to FBA:

Use the product information on your Invoice to create your shipping plan. 

Log into Your Amazon Seller Central account at

Select the “Inventory” tab.

If the items you purchased are new items in your account, select “Manage Inventory” in the pull down menu and “Add a Product”. 

Once the item is part of your inventory, select Manage FBA Inventory from the pull down menu.  This will take you to the Amazon-Fulfilled Inventory page.

Select the item(s) on your Purchase Order you want to send to FBA by checking the box left of the listing. 

Select “Send/replenish” option in the box above the column headings, and “Go” to create a shipping plan.

In the "Send/replenish inventory" page:

Click "Create a new shipping plan”

Change the "Ship from another address" to:

CUL Distributors
12525 Kirkham Court
Poway, CA 92064


  • Case Packed Product
  • Small Parcel Delivery (UPS or FedEx)
  • Select Multiple Boxes

Use Amazon Seller Central web form. 

Enter the information from your invoice here:

Units/ box configuration      Number of boxes        Total quantity        Box weight (lb.)        Box dimensions (in.)

  1. Click "confirm"
  2. Click "calculate"
  3. Check Box "I agree to the terms and conditions"
  4. Accept Charges 
  5. Print Box Labels (Each box label is unique. Make sure to print all box labels)
  6. "complete shipment"
  7. Save the label and email it back to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Allow 2-3 business for shipment to be processed in our shipping department.

We will update you via email when the product has been shipped so you can track the shipment status within your Amazon Seller Central account.


Below are a few instructional videos to help you get started adding your products to Amazon and creating shipments.


How to Create a Shipment on Amazon - Part 1

How to Create a Shipment on Amazon - Part 2