CUL Distributors

Part 1: How to Create a Shipping Plan

Step 1

Once an item is added to your list of products, you can choose to send to Amazon FBA (Note: Some items may require special barcode labels issued by Amazon). These labels are specific to your account and are provided by Amazon.   (See: "If Product Barcode Requires Labels" for specifics).    Most products do not require this and you can simply continue by pressing Send Inventory.


Step 2

Once you arrive at this screen, always select "Case-packed products." CUL Distributors only sells and ships items by the case. 


Step 3

On the next page Amazon will ask you to "Please enter the quantity of units you will be shipping." Keep in mind, we are shipping your order to Amazon by the case.  You will have these details on the order confirmation that you will receive.


Step 4

Your email confirmation will have all of the details you need to enter in.

figure3 b

Step 5

After you click "Continue", you will be provided with a shipping plan from Amazon detailing the items you ordered.  You may see one or many shipments on this screen. Once you have reviewed this information, please Click "Approve Shipment(s)."